How we helped the European Commission to create 10 businesses cases for a Smart Silver Economy

Our society is aging. While this comes with societal and economical challenges, it also brings opportunities. To dig deeper into the topic, the European Commission asked a consortium of experts - Technopolis Group (lead), Oxford Economics, and the crowdbased research agency cbased - to carry out a research exploring the new economic challenges and possibilities that arise from the needs of older adults. The Silver Economy team used Discuto to involve the public as well as experts in the discussion.


How the Austrian Consumers’ Association reaches a wider audience to discuss the criteria for eco-labeling

Nowadays an increasing number of consumers prefers buying products or using services that are labeled eco-friendly. However, consumers often lack appropriate information.

For this reason the “Austrian Ecolabel” was created on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Environment. Since 1990 it offers reliable orientation for the general public. To ensure the Ecolabels are awarded based on up-to-date standards, the Austrian Consumers’ Association (VKI) regularly revises the criteria. Since 2013 the VKI uses Discuto.io to discuss the new criteria proposals online.

Here’s what we did

Austria: New Study about EU General Data Protection Regulation

On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) a research team is examining how the EU General Data Protection Regulation (entering into force in May 2018) affects Big Data and innovation.  The team consisting of cbased (Community-based Innovation Systems), SBA Research and the Vienna University of Economic Science calls citizens, experts and enterpreneurs to participate until 23.10.2017 in a public discussion run on Discuto.io.

Join the discussion here: www.discuto.io/de/consultation/29627


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