Webinar: How to create engagement in an online discussion

You've created your first online discussion with Discuto. So far so good. Now you simply have to wait for people to join your discussion, right?

Wrong! In this webinar our founder Hannes Leo describes what you need to do to create an engaging ideation and discussion process. 


What you'll learn:

  • what are the key steps to create engagement
  • how you can promote your online discussion
  • why it's important to give a strong reason for participation
  • how two projects on behalf of the European Commission used Discuto and social media to create an active discussion

Thanks to all participants and the great questions and responses we received afterwards! If you've questions about decision-making or like to schedule a custom demo, get in touch with us at office@discuto.io. We're really looking forward to hearing from you!

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Getrit 05.07.2019 - 06:58

I really thanks you for your effort. It tells about your work, and it serves as a great example of your work. You take an astounding amount of information and present it in a way that feels "safe" (not overwhelming or deceptive) to me: clear, well-organized, and thorough. I am also handling an online portal i.e. GetRit.com and I would like to add some further points that one should keep in mind to create engagement in any online discussion which is mentioned below:

  • Lead the way: Create the desired topic threads, hoping that users will react. This requires some research into the niche and writing content that makes users respond to it, i.e. questions instead of statements.
  • Welcome and encourage new users (this also creates stickiness if you pour traffic in).
  • Ask questions, poll the users, ask people to tell their stories.
  • Make sure to have recurring topics or themes, this way you solicit the users to re-engage.
  • Find a way to reward contributors.
  • Select the title of your discussion.