Webinar: How to organize a decision-making process

What to choose for lunch? How to make the government more digital? What goals to include in next year's company strategy?

Some decisions are more complex and profound than others. Yet, they all can be broken down into the essential steps for any decision-making process.

In this weeks seminar our CEO Hannes Leo run a webinar on how to organize a decision-making process.



Within 25 minutes you'll learn

  • how to design a decision-making process by reverse engineering it

  • how to include offline and online elements in your process

  • how to foster acceptance through the process design

  • how cities & governments, companies and research organizations used Discuto to improve their collaborative decision-making process

Thanks to all participants and the great questions and responses we received afterwards! 

If you've questions about decision-making or like to schedule a custom demo, get in touch with us at office@discuto.io.

We're really looking forward to hearing from you!