Help us improve discuto

In the beginning of February we launched a discussion where we talk about what we did over the last months since the beginning of the Discuto project and what we are aiming at in terms of new features and new developments.

The idea of the discussion is to make clear to our users what we are doing and to benefit from their experience with the system on what should be done and what could be even removed from the system if it is unnecessary or harmful for the user’s experience.

So in this sense if there is anything preventing you from using the system in the way you want and expect or if you’ve ever thought “I wish Discuto had this feature”, or “I wish Discuto didn’t do that”, or if you have any other thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us through this discussion or contacting us directly through office@discuto.io

To give you some ideas, here are the improvements and upgrades coming soon or being discussed on our side. Again, let us know what you think of them or if you have others in mind.

  • Launch of iOS and Android apps, enabling you to monitor, participate and start discussions

  • Fully encrypted and secure discussions of documents

  • Better integration into google docs (e.g. live synchronisation between discussion document and gdoc)

  • Enhanced tracking of changes made within paragraphs

  • Added functions (e.g. calendar, workflow, access rights management system) to better portray advanced decision making processes

  • Improved integration of tabular data (tables)

  • Streamlined method of sending discussion invitations

  • Better transformation of the document into an online discussion

  • Enable the upload of powerpoint files and other file formats (e.g. spreadsheets)

  • Boosting the website’s speed and responsiveness

  • Integration with more cloud-based platforms, eg Box, office 365, dropbox

  • Easy merging of paragraphs

  • Create an "interest system" where users can describe their interests and automatically get invited to join and help other members documents and discussions on these topics providing more engaging and larger public discussions.

Now that you have an idea on what we are aiming at, below is a list of the changes we’ve made so far, implemented after extensive feedback from our users. Please let us know which ones you liked most. Some are fairly new and you may not have had time to test them.

  • Enhanced comments function (no double-posts, increased speed)

  • New FAQ page and advanced “how to” pages to help you and your participants get started

  • New 3-minute video showing you around Discuto

  • New user menu making it easier to edit profiles and view notifications

  • New examples page showing how other people are using Discuto

  • Google Apps integration

  • Revised discussion and account deletion functionality

  • Improved notification and reminder system

  • Streamlined product downloading process

  • Plus various bug fixes (including improved image and parsing functionality)

At Discuto we know developing the platform is an ongoing and organic process and we know there is so much more to be done, but we really try to get our users to show us the way they would like to see the product go. So if you have any suggestions or just want to know more and talk a little bit contact us through our Facebook, Twitter, or through our email office@discuto.io.

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