Discuto on windows store

Last week we published the Discuto app in the Windows store for Windows 8 users. Windows apps are a great way to get content displayed on the tiles of your start screen that also display notifications and relevant contextual information.

The Discuto Windows 8 app comes with the following features :

  • Create a new account for those who are new to Discuto

  • Access your Discuto account within the app 

  • Display the list of discussions you are part of

  • Get notifications of new comments in discussions you are in displayed in the “Discuto tile”

  • Launch the discussion you want to see in the browser right from the app

We will add new features in future releases of the app. Now we are looking forward to your feedback on the current version and suggestions on what you would like to see in future releases. Don´t hesitate to communicate your experiences with the Discuto Windows 8 app by mail (office@discuto.io), on our facebook page, twitter or google plus pages.