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The European Commission should instore a code of conduct to regulate the Crowdfunding industry in order to increase trust in CCS Crowdfunding.

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Piet Callens 30.11.2016 - 11:29
This should be initiated by the CF Industry and not by the EC.
crowdfunding4culture 23.11.2016 - 11:04
How about a code of conduct that would for instance set up the conditions for selecting promising CCS projects, or foster the awareness/knowledge of project owners in order to limit the selection of projects which are deemed to fail?”
roy@voordekunst.nl 18.11.2016 - 08:28
Not sure about this. My question would be: who would benefit from a certain Code of Conduct?
jgfna 17.11.2016 - 08:08
I am undecided on this. Are there a lot of negative examples for CCS crowdfunding?