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What is CCS Crowdfunding?

This project focuses on Crowdfuding for the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS), which are both defined below.

Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS)

The consortium follows the basic definition of Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) and more specifically, distinguishes the following sub-sectors and functions to delineate CCS:

  • Sub-sectors: Heritage, Music, Performing arts, Visual arts, Audio-visual & multimedia, Book & press, Advertising, Architecture, Design & arts craft, Education & research on arts and culture, Social cultural work ((adult) education, community building and social activism through cultural participation)
  • Functions: Creation, Production, Dissemination & presentation, Preservation, Commercial trade

Our project encompasses the main forms of crowdfunding, including:

  • Donation-Based : donating amounts with no financial or material return in exchange
  • Reward-Based: donating amounts with the expectation of receiving a tangible (but nonfinancial) reward or product at a later date
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending: borrowing from lenders, each lender lending an amount in return for financial compensation
  • Equity-Based: investing in a business in return for a share in the business