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Description of categories

The Silver Economy includes many sectors. We have categorised sectors as follows:

Connectivity & Social participation – solutions relating to interpersonal communication and the organisation of daily living to avoid isolation. 

Entertainment, Culture & Tourism – solutions which enable recreation in leisure time and cultural activities, including religion and travelling. 

Financial Services – solutions that support financial independence and protect financial security of older people, including private pensions and insurance.

Food & Nutrition – solutions that relate to nutrition and diet adapted to older people’s needs. 

Health & Care – solutions to support prevention, therapy and (palliative) care activities, as well as those assisting in personal hygiene. It also includes new technologies such as telemedicine, telecare, mHealth and robotics.

Living & Building – solutions supporting independent living in all built environments (indoors and outdoors) such as 'smart homes' or ‘adaptable housing’ as well as new ageing-friendly buildings and public spaces. 

Mobility & Transport - solutions that serve as accessible, seamless and safe transportation or offering travel information, and navigation and localisation services. 

Physical & Cognitive Abilities – solutions that support, train or enable physical, mental and social abilities, including sports and games. 

Safety & Security – solutions relevant in both indoor and outdoor spaces, including home protection and surveillance, as well as supporting older people in case of falls or personal emergencies. 

Work & Training – solutions that utilise work-related experience, and learning new job specific skills through training, including accessible work environment and senior entrepreneurship. 

Other – solutions that cover any other sector or overlapping sectors.