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About the project

Crowdfunding4Culture is part of a pilot project “Crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sectors: kick-starting the cultural economy”, commissioned by the European Commission to IDEA Consult and its consortium partners ECN and Ecorys.

The pilot project is divided into four different activities:

  1. Analyse the impact of crowdfunding for the cultural and creative sectors (CSS) in Europe and assess the Crowdfunding market for CCS

  2. ​Assess possible actions to kick-start the Cultural and Creative Sectors' (CCS) Crowdfunding Community

  3. Informative and interactive website

  4. Crowdfunding Conference 2017 in Brussels

The aim of Crowdfunding4Culture is to to identify the needs and actions to connect platforms and CCS actors across Europe, to allow cross-border crowdfunding as well as to function as a repository of knowledge and information on crowdfunding for culture. At the end of the online consultation the study team will draft clear recommendations toward the European Commission and European Member States.

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