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e. ‘reprisal’ means any adverse treatment or adverse consequence, such as any act, threat or cover up of an act, or an omission that is to the detriment of the whistle-blower, including but not limited to:

  • Suspensions, demotions, lay-offs or dismissals;
  • Withholding of promotions, trainings or other career development opportunities;
  • Loss of benefits or status;
  • Transfer of duties, change of location of the workplace or of working hours;
  • Any disciplinary measure, reprimand or other penalty (including a financial penalty or suspension or revocation of a security clearance);
  • Coercion, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination.
Howard Whitton 08.07.2016 - 15:17
This clause should extend the prohibition on reprisal to include harm/detriment to 'any person', not only the WB: very often reprisal is taken, or threatened, against family members, or even friends and associates.