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Artificial Intelligence - IMCO/JURI INL

Starting: 13 May Ending

0 days left (ends 17 May)

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Since artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic decisions are increasingly influencing our everyday life, the European Parliament is currently working on several own-initiative reports – this means texts which the Commission is then to present as a legislative proposal. I am rapporteur – in other words, the author of the report – in my Committee on Consumer Rights and the Internal Market. I already published my draft opinion (see discussion tab) and will present it in the committee on 18 May 2020 (livestream). Now the other political groups, as well as I myself, have until 19 May 2020 to propose amendments to my draft. This is why I call on you to provide me with any comments or suggestions you have to the current text!

For further background information on the report and the subject in general check out my blogpost.


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Status: Closed
Privacy: Public
Alexandra Geese is a Member of the European Parliament with the Greens/EFA group. She has been elected in 2019 and now serves as a full member of the Committees for Internal Market and Consumer Protection and the Budget committee. Her political focus is on digital policy, fundamental rights, especially non-discrimination of women and minorities in artificial intelligence, as well as gender budgeting. https://alexandrageese.eu/de/startseite/


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