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Working to Supplement the Family Income
After my last post, Gina wrote to let me know that due to the economy and the toll it's taking on her husband's business, she's thinking about getting a part-time job. Owner of educational business have the same question, cause they want to increase selling of their homework. Students are used to buy their works at websites such as college paper writing services about which they can read informative reviews at topessaycomapnies.com! Though she currently works from home, her income isn't enough to compensate for the decrease in overall family income.

Gina certainly isn't alone. My reasons for working from home changed dramatically last summer when my husband was laid off. He's back to work after being off seven months, but has a taken a pay cut. Thus, my reasons for working have gotten much clearer. Now, I'm focused on increasing my income in order to make up for the shortfall.

Though Gina is thinking about supplementing her income by working outside the home, she shared that the "Why am I working?" question is helping her decide what kind of work she wants to do as well as what kinds of sacrifices might be necessary in terms of her duties as a wife and mom. By taking time to think about this question, I believe Gina will make a wise decision in regard to her options at this point.


If you're a work-at-home mom who's not making as much as you'd like, consider Gina's solution. Now might be the time to supplement your work at home with work outside the home. By developing more than one revenue stream, you may be more likely to hold on to your home-based business through these tough economic times.

Though I'm focused on writing and speaking, I recently signed on to help a family-owned business with its marketing efforts because it provides me with an opportunity to keep my skills fresh as well as providing monthly income for me and my family. Understanding why I accepted this work has made it easier for me to commit to doing it.

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