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Bringing the EU Strategy for the Danube Region to life

Starting: 24 Apr Ending

0 days left (ends 30 Jun)

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Dear participant of the discussion on the EUSDR,

we thank you very much for your willingness to take part. Your contributions will help us to make better recommendations on how the EU Strategy for the Danube Region can be better brought to life.

Below you can find a series of statements which came out of focus groups (moderator-led discussions) with representatives from all the countries of the Danube Region. We would like to ask you to vote on the statements by clicking on the respective icons on the right of the statements. We would be especially happy if you could also comment on the statements or make further suggestion. Besides you, we invited a series of other experts. We hope that from your comments and those from the other participants a lively discussion will arise.

The statements below refer mainly to the catching-up countries of the Danube Region which are basically the non-German speaking countries. Thus, if you encounter terms like “the countries” or “the eastern countries” then this refers to the non-German speaking area of the Danube Region.

The statements are summarised in five broad sections. The first relates to the problems with project identification and implementation. In the second criteria for projects are mentioned and the third covers comments on the EUSDR in general. Then we also have extracted thematic fields and concrete projects from the focus group (Section 4 and 5).

You will note that the statements are not necessarily consistent. This is intended in order to present the different views for the specific topic.

More information about the project can be found here. The final report is available here



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Status: Closed
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  • Establishment of a fund for financing feasibility studies
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  • Mapping of the value and supply chains for manufacturing sectors across countries in order to find out where and how an upgrading can take place
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  • Establishment of cross-country vine clusters
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  • Establishment/Intensifying exchange programmes for students, trainees and junior officials from the more eastern countries with the western countries, especially Germany and Austria, of the Danube Region
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  • Improvement of the partnerships of cities
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  • Expansion of the Twinning idea on other areas than development of administrative structures
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  • Establishment of technology transfer centres in order to increase the knowledge transfer between universities and SMEs
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  • Development of a platform in order to improve the skills of companies to apply for EU funds
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  • Establishment of alumni networks in order to keep in contact with people who left the country. In that way migrants can serve as source of knowledge. These alumni networks should not be restricted to universities or schools but also companies and the public administration should establish such networks.
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  • Using crowdfunding as a means for selecting interesting business ideas
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  • Development of a Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning like the SEECEL (South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning) of the Regional Cooperation Council for the whole Danube Region.
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