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How can we grow Europe’s Silver Economy?


Due to increased interest (+100 participants joint last week only) we’ll keep the discussion of the proposals for “Potentials of the European Silver Economy” open until 04.12.2016!

We’d like to thank you for your participation and invite you to use this chance to have a say on all businesses cases you’d like to share your expertise and opinion on.

How can we turn the challenge of an ageing society into a major opportunity for new jobs and growth?

We’ve asked - you answered. Based on 95 ideas that have been submitted by the public in phase 1, we’ve developed ten business case studies that we now like to validate with you until 04.12.2016.



Step 1: Click on the cases below you’d like to validate

Step 2: Register in the process of voting and commenting or here

Step 3: Vote (thumbs up or down) on individual paragraphs and add your comments


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