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10 Statements on Why Collaborative Decision-Making Works

More people bring in more information


A good decision that affects a group of people can’t be made by one person or be based on one single source of information. A good decision requires the involvement of stakeholders, knowledge sharing and the analysis of different pieces of information.

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Involve the people it affects


The people who are affected by a decision are usually more connected to the topic than experts. Thus, they may offer a diversity of lived experiences and valuable information, interpretations and perspectives about the topic.

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Technology makes decision-making easier


The more complex a decision or challenge, the more likely we need people with different expertise and specializations. But we don’t need to wait for the next global convention. Smart decision-making platforms facilitate collaborative decision-making, and allow to invite everybody on a global scale to join the process in real-time.

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Different experiences trigger different ideas


The key to developing the best and most widely accepted solution is to ask a diverse group of people for their ideas. Different experiences trigger different ideas. In addition, through discussion, questioning, and collaboration the members can identify more complete and robust solutions and make better decisions in the end.

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Involving people raises acceptance


Most people are more likely to accept a final decision if they have played an active role in the input process leading up to it. Even those people who don’t agree with the final decision will be more likely to support it, if they have been included in the decision-making process and appreciate the genuine investment made in obtaining their input.

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Meet the demand of the future generation


The next generation grows up with and uses technology in a very different way than current decision-makers. In today’s connected world, citizens and employees want to participate, collaborate and be part of creating solutions that fit to their own lifestyle and needs.

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CDM may lead to unexpected solutions


By allowing people with a different background, skill set or expertise to participate in your decisions, you might end up with a solution that you’d never have thought about.

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Consider all Stakeholders


The influence of all different stakeholders helps to ensure that the effect on all interested parties is considered in the decision-making process. By involving all stakeholders it’s more likely to achieve a consensus that is more widely accepted among the parties.

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Group dynamics draw out more participation


A collaborative decision-making process provides group dynamics. Through these dynamics, such as groupthink and individual group decision-making rules, it is more likely to draw out participation from people who may otherwise be hesitant to talk or interact.

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Include the people with the most expertise